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Kuhns Tree Service
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Residential & Commercial Tree Removal Services

Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals

For over 35 years, Kuhn's Tree Service has been the team to call when you need tree removal services at your home or surrounding your office. This is a job you should leave to the professionals. Trying to do this yourself can have disastrous results for your health, home, or office. If you have an issue with trees, please give us a call to speedily get to your home to begin our assessment. Each tree deserves personalized attention because they all grow in unique ways. They all showcase different characteristics and go through hibernation and blossom periods in a variety of manners and time periods. Our team carries the training and knowledge to know when and how to remove a tree.

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Signs and Steps for Tree Removal

While some trees may look unhealthy, they may not need to be removed and could need special treatment instead. The professionals at Kuhn's Tree Service know exactly when it's time to say, “TIMBER!” Trees often have to be removed when they become diseased, such as an oak dying from golden-spotted oak borer damage, or the roots have caused structural damage to your foundation or sidewalks. We begin this multi-step process by removing the limbs to limit the reach of the tree. We then cut the trunk down and finish by removing the stump from the ground. Because of the size of some older trees, the project can produce quite a bit of wood and foliage waste removal becomes a significant part of the process. Kuhn's Tree Service is unique in the way we handle this Green Waste. You can either ask us for the wood to be created into stacked cords for fire building, mulching, or we will handle it in another environmentally friendly way.

Experience When it Counts

Not only should you have a professional team remove your tree when needed, but you need an experienced one. Our team has helped Maryland with these services for more than 35 years. Within this time we have been able to train our staff on traditional and modern methods and work with industry-leading tools. We keep your property and trees safe by handling effectively and efficiently. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, there is no tree we can't handle!

Maryland Commercial & Residential Tree Removal Service

If your property has trees, there may come a time when they need to be removed. Proper care and maintenance can help extend a tree's life, but there are several reasons why a tree may need to be removed from your property.

Whether you're concerned about foundation damage to your home or business, unsightly stumps detracting from your curb appeal, or spreading tree disease, you'll need a team with a high level of precision, knowledge, and experience to handle the problem. At Kuhn's Tree Service, we are proud to be that team.

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