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Stump Grinding Services from Kuhn's Tree Service

Other companies’ stump grinding services tend to come as a separate service from the tree removal. When this is the case, trust Kuhn’s Tree Service to get the job done correctly. With the right tools, education, and experience, we handle these types of tree services efficiently. It is an essential service if you have a tree removed from your property, if you are looking to landscape, or just don’t want a hazard in your yard while you mow. The Kuhn’s team is in your corner to help protect you by bringing affordable stump grinding services to your area. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and be sure to browse our discounts section for even more savings!


Why Hire a Professional for Stump Grinding?

We’ve told you stump grinding services are essential, but you may be asking yourself why? Kuhn's Tree Service is here to help explain why you should have your stump ground up after cutting it down. Below is a list of reasons you need this service form experienced and equipped professionals:

The Right Tools

Having the right tools is critical when grinding a stump. Knowing how to use them is another thing you need to worry about. You may be able to rent a stump grinder, but if you aren't sure how to use it, you could seriously hurt yourself and damage your backyard.

Environmentally-Friendly Results

When we are finished grinding your stump, it gets turned into mulch. We will then fill into the hole left behind to help with nutrition in the soil. You can also remove them after the breakdown process to utilize in other areas of your lawn or garden.

Break Down Dangerous Roots

Roots are the leading cause for concern after removing a tree. They can still grow and wrap around your pipes or damage your building’s foundation and sidewalk. Stump grinding removes the possibility altogether.

Increase Aesthetics

Allowing Kuhn's Tree Service to grind your stump will also increase your home's curb appeal. This will help when going to sell and for when you have family or other guests over for parties and other gatherings.

Safety in Your Yard

Tree removal leaves behind your unsightly stump, but it also leaves your yard with a sense of danger. The stump generally stands about 4-5 inches high, which makes it easy to trip over while playing and causes you to still mow around it.

Why Choose Kuhn's Tree Service

Not only do we have the right tools, but the Kuhn's Tree Service team can help you when you need us most. We offer 24/7 emergency tree services for those in Maryland. This includes stump grinding, trimming, removal, and more. Our experienced staff works quickly to make your space safe and beautiful again.

Tree Services Delivered with the Earth in Mind